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Team Spotlight: Search Engine People

Search Engine People (SEP) provides Internet marketing services to a variety of businesses worldwide.

In 2010, SEP recognized dragon boating as a tool to bring staff together outside of the office. The diversity of the crew included the CEO, President, Account Managers, Sales Reps,
Link Builders, and Search Specialists.

A true testament of teamwork and determination, the Search Engine People started out with two practices before the GWN Dragon Boat Challenge Presented by CIBC in 2010 and went up to once a week during the season, participating in two Festivals in 2011.

The weekend of the event, accompanied by friends and family, the team donned their team jerseys and joined over 150 other dragon boat teams for two days of racing and fun. At the end of the event, the Search Engine People won gold in the “I” Division Championship Race in 2010 and finished 5th in the “G” Division in 2011 (improving their overall placement by two whole divisions).


Team Spotlight Image

When asked about the experience, team members said,

“Dragon boating was a great way to bring the work team together, allowing us to have a little fun and show our competitive side outside of the office.”

“The best part of being on the SEP team 2 years in a row was to see the growth and progression we have made since our first race. Our team really pulled together and showed some great spirit during every race, win or lose.”

“No matter what your role is in the office, you’re all equals in the boat and we paddled as one unit. It was a fantastic experience, I can’t wait to do it again next year.”

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