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Coaching Staff 2014


Andrew Fox, Camp Director

Andrew has been a member of the GWN coaching staff for over ten years. He co-coached the Canadian Senior Women National Team to a Gold medal sweep in all distances at the World Championships in Sydney, Australia in 2007. He also coached a Premier Women’s crew at four World Club Crew Championships.

As a coach, Andrew develops his crews to maximize their abilities. He adapts their stroke and tempo to reward and improve their abilities and results.

Andrew has run clinics and training camps in both Canada and the United States with great success. As a paddler, he has competed for Canada on the Canadian National Senior Men’s program at several International events. Andrew won gold medals at World Championships and World Club crew championships in Poznan, Poland; Berlin, Germany; Penang, Malaysia; Sydney, Australia; and in Canada.

 Jim Farrell, Coach

Jim Farrell has been coaching and steering for GWN at festivals and corporate events for more than 10 years, in both the U.S. and Canada. With 15 years in the trenches as a dragonboat paddler, steersperson and coach, he understands the trials and tribulations of the sport. Jim has managed and coached GWN Premier Mixed/Team Chaos since 1999, successfully bringing the team to top tier finishes. His passion is teaching and inspiring paddlers to achieve their full potential, with a strong focus on team development to achieve race results.

Jim is also a long distance runner, fitness enthusiast, and kayak and OC paddler.

 Alain Ruel, Coach

Alain began his paddling career in Calgary when he joined a local recreational dragon boat team. In 1997, after a move to Toronto, Alain became part of an existing dragon boat team called Jetstart. This team was a corporate team from Canadian Airlines. Unsatisfied with the team's level of participation, he became more involved in the management of the team and was soon named team captain. Four years later, he took over the reigns as coach with the goal of transforming Jetstart into a competitive level team, while maintaining an aspect of fun and socializing--reasons for the formation of the team. Now regarded as a highly competitive crew in Canada, Jetstart is a team to be reckoned with at events.

On the international stage, Alain has represented Canada as part of "Rip the Fondue" at the CCWCs in Penang and "Slipstream” at the CCWCs in Hong Kong in 2012. In 2013, Alain was invited to join the Canadian National team in “Senior A” and “Open Senior A”.

Alain is a recreational runner with a competitive spirit and participates in 1-2 marathons annually. He is an avid paddler, especially when it comes to Outrigger Canoe paddling. He enjoys every moment spent out on the water.

 Laura Allen, Coach

I strongly believe that how you train, what you eat and what you feed your mind on a daily basis is what you will get in return. People call me hardcore, a fitness guru and sometimes even obsessed but I’ll tell you exactly what I am: passionate. I absolutely love life and I realized at a young age that to do so properly and to get the most out of my time on this planet, loving my body had to come first.

My clients are all people that, through different walks of life, all came to me and learned how to do the same. Now, 30 years in to this lifestyle I am getting to live out the dream of putting other people first because I have almost perfected my own fitness journey. I don’t just train my clients, I teach them. I take them by the hand and show them exactly how to make changes, whatever change they are looking to make. I realize that not everybody wants to be a fitness model but I do expect a lot in return.

Bachelors Elementary Education, Luther Rice Bible College
ACE Personal Trainer and Group Fitness
AFAA Personal Trainer and Group Fitness
Johnny G. Spinning
Adult/Infant First Aid/CPR
ECA Annual Attendee for CEC’s NYC 2006-2013

Additional Information

Health Insurance
Participants are advised to obtain their own accident / medical insurance coverage for their trip. Please note:  it is assumed that camp participants are physically fit and accept responsibility for the risks associated with physical exercise.  Each participant should have a medical check-up in the weeks leading up to the camp and inform their doctor that they will be participating in this training camp.  Registrants will receive a suggested 6-week program to prepare for the camp, to be used at their own risk. 

Participants will also be required to sign an online waiver, which will be part of the online registration process.

Group Rates
Please contact us directly for inquiries regarding camp group rates at 416.962.8899 or

All campers are expected to make their reservations directly with the Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa. Please note that registration with GWN Dragon Boat for the camp does not guarantee a reservation at the resort and campers are strongly advised to make arrangements as soon as possible after confirmed camp registration.  Contact details for the resort is listed in the registration package on our website.

Food & Beverage
All campers will be responsible for their own meals throughout the week, except for GWN sponsored social activities included in the weekly program.

Registration Limits
Progressive Training and Race:  Registration is limited to 160 camp participants.

Refund Policy
Cancellation / refund requests must be received in writing (mail, fax, or email) prior to February 1st 2014, upon which your registration fee is 50% refundable.  No refunds are available after this date.