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What Is Dragon Boat Racing?

"It's Wet, It's Wild. It's the Best Workout You've Ever Had."

The world's fastest growing water sport is also the most exciting. Twenty paddlers move in unison, combining strength with teamwork in a boat whose elaborate design originates in ancient China.

It's all About Teamwork!

The Crew:
A maximum of 20 paddlers, with a steersperson (cox) and a drummer. Teams entering as a mixed crew must have a minimum of 8 female paddlers in the boat. For crew compositions, click on the FAQ page for the event.

The Challenge:
Dragon Boat Racing is a great sport for men and women of all ages and abilities. Anyone can do it and have fun!

The Scoop:
Teamwork is everything in Dragon Boat Racing. Synchronicity is more important than strength. A perfectly synchronized team will almost always beat a stronger, but less coordinated team. To check out a team spotlight, click here to see how dragon boating has benefited an organization.

If you want to enter your team into a dragon boat event, try any of our seven dragon boat regatta's:

  • Walgreens Cocoa Beach Dragon Boat Festival, Cape Canaveral, FL - April 20 213
  • 4th Annual Greater New Orleans Dragon Boat Festival, Madisonville, LA - May 11 2013
  • 16th Annual GWN Sport Regatta, Toronto, ON - July 20, 2013
  • 2nd Annual Chicago International Dragon Boat Festival, Arlington Heights, IL - July 27 2013
  • 19th Annual GWN Dragon Boat Challenge Presented by CIBC, Toronto, ON - September 7-8 2013
  • 7th Annual Mercer County Dragon Boat Festival, West Windsor, NJ - Sept 14 2013
  • 4th Annual Richmond Dragon Boat Festival, Richmond, VA - August 10, 2013
  • 6th Annual Walgreens Orlando Dragon Boat Festival, Orlando, FL - October 19 2013

If you're looking for a great alternative to the usual company picnics or corporate golf days, try bringing the ultimate team building event to your office. Custom dragon boat racing packages are created to match your company's needs.

Looking to "gear up"? Try our GWN Pro Shop. You can buy everything from paddles to your own boat!

Paddlers looking for a Team 

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Teams Looking for a Paddler 

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Dragon Boat Clubs

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