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If You Are a Paddler Looking For a Team

Teams, contact us with the following info so we can add your posting to the 'Find a Team' postings:

  • Team Name
  • Name of Team Representative
  • Email Address of Team Representative
  • 2014 Events your Team is Attending
  • About your Team (include things a paddler will want to know such as where your team is based, where and how often it practices, experience, goals, the character of your team, and so on.)
  • Posting Removal Date:


Team Name: Paddlers Anonymous

Team Captain: Ivan Sacramento


2014 Event: Walgreens Orlando International Dragon Boat Festival 

About our Team: Paddlers Anonymous is a friendly and socially-active team. We are based out of Toronto and are looking for both male/female paddlers to join us at the Walgreens Orlando International Dragon Boat Festival in Florida on Oct 18, 2014. No experience is necessary, just a winning attitude, the love of theme parks and dragon boating. There will be one water practice at Sunnyside Paddling club and another at the race grounds in Orlando. If you are interested please email me and I can provide further details of the trip. You can also visit our website to find out more about our club.

 Post Removal Date: Oct 11, 2014.


Team Name: An OHDBC Club Team

Team Captain: Debbie Young-Hermanns


About the Team: We are a senior A (40+) team of experienced paddlers come together from various teams around Toronto to compete at CCWC Italy. We are looking for a couple female and male (40 years old plus) experienced paddlers (minimum 2 yrs racing experience) to round out our roster for a Senior A mixed, open and women's boats to compete at the Club Crew World Championships in Ravenna, Italy.

Location: Outer Harbour Dragon Boat Club, Toronto

2014 Event:  Ravenna, Italy. August 30th-September 7, 2014. We practice at OHDBC site on Sundays.

Membership: Please email for complete details

Posting removal: August 17, 2014

Team Name: Boston 1 Dragon Boat Team   

Team Representative: Lily Ting


2014 Events: Boston Dragon Boat Festival (June 14-15), Montreal Challenge (July25-26), Hartford CT (August 17), September TBA

About the Team: Boston 1 is a new club formed at the end of the 2013 season. We're a mixed team that is made mostly of young professionals looking to balance a fun social and encouraging atmosphere with serious competitive drive. We welcome paddlers novices to seasoned paddlers.

Our first race this season was the Boston Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in June 2014, where we took 3rd place in the A minor division. We're proud of our first race result under the Boston 1 banner and we're excited to continue to build and strengthen our team!

We paddle 3 times per week: Mon/Wed 6-9pm & Saturday 11am-1pm. 

Location: Fort Point Channel, Boston MA

Summer Season: April - October. Winter training begins late November and includes a mix of outdoor bootcamp, indoor pool paddling, yoga and weight lifting once a week.

 Membership is $100 for all summer and winter activities. First two practices are free! for more info

Team Name: Stratford Dragon Boat Club

Name of Team Representative: Pandora Chung


2014 Events: 

London - June 14

Hamilton - July 26

Woodstock - August 9

Stratford - September 13

About the Team: This is a mixed crew of co-ed paddlers of all ages and a wide range of experience from novice to veterans with over 10 years of paddling. We work hard and play hard when it comes to dragon boating. Practices are 3 days per week- Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:45 PM and Saturday mornings at 7:45 on Lake Victoria in Stratford, ON.

Post removal date: September 13, 2014

Team: The Unknown DBC

Team Representative: Adrian So


Practices: Every Wednesdays starting May 7 to September 3 (7:00–8:30 p.m.) at Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club 

2014 Events: 

June 14 - St. Catharines
June 21 & 22 - Toronto Island
July 19 - GWN Sport Regatta
September 6-7 - GWN Dragon Boat Challenge

About our Team:

We are looking to add a a couple of male and female paddlers to our team. We practice once a week but strive to be the best we can. Konrad Doerrbecker returns to coach us for the third season. High attendance in practices is our secret to success, work hard during practice and races and have tons of FUN. Please email Adrian if want to know more about our team.


Team: Windburn Race Crew

Team Representative: Rodney Maclean


2014 Events: 

May 24 - Milton
July 26 - Hamilton
Sept 6 & 7 - GWN Dragon Boat Challenge.

About our Team:

We are a community mixed team with a wide range of age and experience. We have been dragon boating for years and are a strong competitive team that have fun on and off the boat. Although we like to win; we work hard to be a united team and welcome new comers and experienced dragon boaters. We are participating in 3 regattas in the GTA area. We have an hour of practice every week and meet for drinks at the Sunnyside Cafe sometimes. 
Practices start first week of May and go until Sept.  Tuesdays, 8pm on the water (7:45 pm for warm up and to organize positions) at Sunnyside.

Please contact if you have any questions and or are interested in joining. Newbies very welcome.

Team: Lake Lizards

Team Representative: Jennifer Baird (Co-Captain)


2014 Events:
July 19 - GWN Sport Regatta
August 9 - Woodstock
Sept 6 & 7 - GWN Dragon Boat Challenge Presented by CIBC

About our Team:

Why are we the best? Because we work hard and play harder! We love to win, but all we will ever ask of you is to show up for the practices and the races and just do the best you can. We balance an hour of practice every week with 2 hours of "strategy" at the local pub.  We are a self-funded, community level team.  This summer we are racing in 3 regattas, all in the GTA.   We are a mixed team with a wide range of age and experience.
Practices start late May, early June (TBD).  Tuesdays, 6:15 on the water (6pm for warm up and to organize positions) at Outer Harbour (near the foot of the Leslie St spit).
Please contact if you have any questions and or are interested in joining.  Newbies very welcome.

Team:  Wahoos Dragon Boat Team

Team Representative:  Stanis Yu (Captain)


2014 Events:

May – Milton Dragon Boat Race Festival - May 24, 2014
June – Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival - June 21 & 22, 2014
July – GWN Sport Regatta - July 19, 2014
August – Oakville Dragon Boat Festival - August 10, 2014
September – GWN Dragon Boat Challenge Presented by CIBC- September 6 & 7, 2014

About Our Team :

  • Competitive co-ed Team
  • Weekly 90 minute practices on water (Thursday nights at Sunnyside Paddling Club)
  • Weekly land training (Monday nights at High Park)
  • People of all ages
  • Fun team, who work hard and play hard
  • get fit
  • be social
  • enjoy the sunsets from the water (immeasurably better than the land view)
Removal Date:  August 1, 2014

Team Name: Battle Dragons

Team Representative: Amy Hanson


About Our Team:

The Battle Dragons is recruiting for the 2014 season! Our team is all about having fun--we love racing and the social perks of the sport. No experience is necessary to join. The Battle Dragons' ‘Coach Ann’ will help build your endurance throughout the summer and enhance your paddling techniques.

We practice out of Outer Harbour Dragon Boat Club (Leslie & Lakeshore) at 7:30 pm on Tuesdays and will be on the water by early May.

Our team attends 3-4 regattas in a season, usually 1 per month.

If you're looking for a fun activity to fill your summer evenings with, contact Amy Hanson. We look forward to hearing from you!

Team Name: Swordfish

Team Representative - Geoffrey Tam


2014 events:
Toronto Island (June 21-22) and Montreal (July 26-27)

About our team:

We are an intermediate level team. Last year, we posted times between 2:20 and 2:25, and are looking to improve on those times.

Our tentative practice schedule is:
- We will start off the season with 2 Sat pool practices in April.
- Starting on the first week Sat of May, we will practice every Sat in the morning, except long weekends and race days.

The only requirements are that you make it to the majority of practices, work hard, and have fun.

Removal date: May 31, 2014

Team Name: Ronin Warriors

Team Representative: Dominic Yu

About our Team:

Ronin Warriors Dragon Boat Crew is recruiting primarily men for the 2014 season. This is an intermediate crew, however, are more than willing to recruit people with little or no experience in the sport of dragon boating. Our goal is NOT about winning but rather learning and improving your paddling skills, but more importantly for you to enjoy and have fun.

We will be hitting the water in mid-April, and will practice once a week (Thursdays) and attend 4 race festivals throughout the season.

If you are looking for something during the summer season, and want to be out on the water, please contact Dominic for info regarding cost and additional details.

Team Name: Choka

Team Representative: Dominic Yu

About our Team:

Choka Dragon Boat Crew is a sister crew of Ronin Warriors, and we are recruiting for the 2014 season.  This is an intermediate-beginner crew and is a perfect crew if you have little or no experience in dragon boating.  Our main objective is all about learning to paddle while having fun.
We will be hitting the water in mid-April, and will be practice once a week (Wednesday) and attend 2 race festivals throughout the season.

If you are looking for something during the summer season, and want to be out on the water, please contact Dominic for info regarding cost and additional details.

Last updated: March 13, 2014

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