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Athlete's Village

GWN is pleased to continue to offer the Athlete's Village Site Selection Program. We hope to remove much of the stress and challenges that teams experience once on-site, by allowing you to reserve your Team Site, well in advance of race weekend.

Every site is approximately 400 sq. ft. in size. They will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis and can only be assigned once payment for the event is received in full.

There are 3 sections within Athlete's Village: Rented Tents, All Access and the Breast Cancer Survivor Village. Instructions and descriptions are outlined below, along with team site availability.

CIBC Breast Cancer Survivor Village

Created in 2007, the CIBC Breast Cancer Survivor Village is unique to the GWN Dragon Boat Challenge Presented by CIBC. Located on prime real estate at the entrance of the Athlete's Village, the area is utilized by all Breast Cancer Survivor (BCS) teams, family and supporters as a home over the two-day festival. 

Each morning, a free breakfast is provided for all BCS participants. While enjoying a light meal before the racing begins, participants share stories, reconnect with past teammates, and create those life-long bonds that are so strong between BCS Teams.

BCS teams are also treated to additional races! Beyond racing in the Women's or Mixed Division, BCS teams also participate in 1 to 2 additional BCS only races! For more information please contact us at:

Team Rentals

Make your day at the GWN Dragon Boat Challenge Presented by CIBC as comfortable as possible. Teams have the choice to bring their own tent or rent one throught GWN. It's a hassle free way to provide your team with a:

Teams wanting to rent a tent can place an order using the Online Crew Management Tool by clicking "Get More".

 2015 Team Rental Fees
Prices are in CAD and do not include applicable tax (13% HST)
10' x 10' Tent
10' x 20' Tent$400.00
20' x 20' Tent

Athlete's Village Sites

Each team must contact GWN to book their site. Sites are booked first-come-first-serve. Registrations must be processed and paid in full before a site can be booked.

1. Download a copy of the 2015 Venue Map.
2. Review the site availability grid below.
3. Select a site based on availability.
4. Email your selection to

Team Site Availability

Section R: Rented Tents
This section is reserved for teams that have rented a tent through GWN. Each space is 20 x 20.  On the Venue Map, the shaded spaces are reserved for 10 x 10 tents, while the white are for 20 x 20 tents.
R1: R2: R3:
R4: R5:R6:
R7: R8:R9:
R19:R20: R21:
R25:R26: R27:
R28:R29: R30:
Section S: All Access
This section is for all teams not renting tents through GWN.  Each space is 20 x 20.
S1: S2: S3:
S4: S5: S6:
S7: S8: S9:
S10: S11: S12:
S13: S14: S15:
S16: S17: S18:
S19: S20: S21:
S22:S23: S24:
S28: S29: S30:
S31: S32: S33:
S34:S35: S36:
S37: S38: S39:
S40: S41: S42:
S43: S44: S45:
S46: S47:S48:
S52: S53: S54:
S55:S56: S57:
S58: S59: S60:
S61: S62: S63:
S64: S65:S66:
S67: S68: S69:
S70: S71:S72:
S73: S74: S75:
S76: S77: S78:
S79:S80: S81:
S82: S83: S84:
S89: S90:
S91:S92: S93:
S94:S95: S96:
S97: S98:S99:
Section T: CIBC Breast Cancer Survivor Village
This section is reserved for BCS Teams only. All BCS Teams will be located in this section, regardless of tent rental.
T1: T2: T3:
T4: T5: T6: