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What's the plan?

Dragon boat is the ultimate team sport, welcoming all paddlers regardless of age or fitness level. Whether you want to get fit and exercise your competitive streak, or meet people and learn new skills, you're in the right place.

Experience the Rush

Join an existing dragon boat team.
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Create a Team

Form your own dragon boat team.
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Still looking?

GWN services multiple client-hosted events
throughout the season. Join us at one of these
events, each with their own unique flavor.
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Let them hear you roar!

Whether you're looking to unleash your inner dragon from the sidelines or follow the action from home, find everything you need here to keep pace with the dragon boat community.

Join the #GWN community online! Connect with us for live MLDB event updates, photos, #dragonboating news.

We're details people, committed to providing the right equipment and staff that will make your next event a success,
be it an afternoon of teambuilding or a multi-day festival.

Introduce the power of the dragon to your workplace

Tell me more about custom team
building experiences
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Want to run your own event?

Hire GWN to produce your regatta or festival
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