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Registration Information

Registration is now open! Click on the "Register Now" button on the right-side of the website.

Having trouble registering or using the online crew management tool? Scroll down to find out how!

WAIVERS? Scroll down for more info.

2015 Registration Fees** (all prices in USD):

Category Number of Races

Price Before Feb 15th*

Price After Feb 15th
Mixed, Women's, Open Team with 1 practice      $995.00$1,395.00
Mixed, Women's, Open Team (Out-of-State) with 1 practice 
* For all special and early bird registrations, full payment must be received in full 15 days after the end of the early bird, i.e. for registrations received by February 15th, payment must be received in full by February 28th 2015.
** The above prices do not include the local and state taxes
***Attention Breast Cancer Survivor Teams*** 
Please choose either the Women's or Mixed Division when registering your team.  You will be able to choose the BCS division near the end of the registration process (option to choose which Industry Challenge you would like to enter, select BCS).  See below for the registration process and crew management tool details below.
 Attention Team Captains / Team Managers: Only one person can register the team ~ the team captain or another designated individual (i.e. team manager).  The individual who registers the team will be responsible for building the team roster online, etc. Please note below regarding online credit card payments.

In order to secure your team's registration, you will need the following information ready to complete the online registration process:

  1. Mastercard, Visa or cheque (Full payment must be made at time of registering your team).  If paying by credit card, the cardholder does not need to be yourself.  On the payment page, the system allows you to include the individual's name who is covering the cost of your team registration fee.  If paying by check, please make it payable to: Great White North Communications Ltd., and mail it to the GWN office at 49 Bathurst Street, Suite 101, Toronto, ON M5V 2P2. For early bird pricing, all cheques must be received within 3 weeks of registration date.
  2. Your valid email address.
  3. When you are ready to create your team online - this can be done upon registration or anytime afterwards - if you're a new team captain, you will need each team member's valid email address. 
  4. NEW FEATURE! Under “MY CREW”, team captains will be able to invite their past members as long as they were their team captain.  Click on the “Invite Crew from Past Events” to view and select this year’s crew roster list.

MLDB Reward Program

MLDB Reward Program

MLDB Reward Program is a program that rewards mixed teams who participate in multiple GWN Events by offering teams a discounted rate. The more MLDB Events you participate in, the more you'll save on each event registration.

How it Works

Register your mixed team for a second MLDB event and save $100 on that event's registration fee. Register your mixed team for a third MLDB event and save $300 on the third event's registration fee. The more events you participate in, the more savings will stack up. You could save up to $2800!

 1st EventRegular Rate
 2nd Event$100 off
 3rd Event$200 off (total savings of $300)
 4th Event$300 off (total savings of $600)
 5th Event$400 off (total savings of $1000)
 6th Event$500 off (total savings of $1500)
 7th Event
$600 off (total savings of $2100)
 8th Event    
$700 off (total savings of $2800)
 9th Event
$800 off (total savings of $3600)

Please contact GWN, before registering your team. 

Win your Entry to Orlando!

"A" Championship Final Winners of Mixed, Women's and Open at an MLDB event will receive free entry to the Walgreens Orlando International Dragon Boat Festival! 2nd place receives 50% off and 3rd place receives 25% off, with the exception of events held in Florida, where entries will be awarded in the Sport Divisions only.

A minimum of five crews in each Division is required for entries to be awarded.

Registration Process, Crew Management System, Waivers

For ease of use and to help you through the online registration process step by step, along with information on the crew management system, please print off the following document: Registration Process and Crew Management Tool Info (pdf doc)

GWN Waivers:

Team Captains: 
Through the crew management system, you can invite (or cancel) your team members, which upon accepting the invite, they will register themselves and sign the waiver electronically. 

Upon accepting the invite from your team captain to join, you will be brought to the GWN website to create an account.  You will be able to review the terms, place a check mark in the box, which will then sign the waiver electronically, which in turn eliminates all paper waivers!

Note on Participants under 18:
Team Captains:

Please still add them to your team online, as this does act as your roster list. You can download the waiver (which is on your crew management page), print off copies and have them filled out and signed by their guardians.  Please mail, fax, or scan & email the waiver to the GWN Office.  The GWN team will cross-reference them with your team roster list, and GWN will sign the waiver (electronically) on their behalf.


BY MAIL: GWN Dragon Boat 49 Bathurst Street, Suite 101, Toronto, ON M5V 2P2
BY FAX:416-962-9300




Note on family members sharing an email address:
Team Captains:
Please register one of them with the one email address they have.  For the other family member(s), please use the member's phone number(s) in conjunction with our domain name: e.g. (We will receive the member's invitation).  This way, the participant’s name will be in the system as this also acts as your team's roster list. 

Please have the family member(s) send in their waiver to the GWN Office via mail, fax or scan & email.  GWN will then electronically sign the waiver on their behalf and accept membership on the team. 


BY MAIL: GWN Dragon Boat 49 Bathurst Street, Suite 101, Toronto, ON M5V 2P2
BY FAX:416-962-9300