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Race Day Information

Get your game face ready! All you need to know to prepare for the races can be found here.

Race Schedule
The race schedule for the 2015 GWN Sport Regatta will be posted on Monday June 29, 2015.

Venue Map
The 2015 venue map will be available at least one week before race day.

Check In
Team Captains must check-in at least one (1) hour prior to their first race at Race Headquarters, to check in their team and to receive racing wristbands.

GWN will generate the team roster lists on Thursday July 2, 2015. Rosters and waivers must be completed before this date. Any and all crew members who have not signed an online waiver by this day, must hand in a signed waiver in paper form to Race Headquarters or they will not be allowed to race. 

Team Captains Meeting
There will be a Team Captains meeting to discuss race day rules and address any questions.

All participants in the festival must sign a waiver prior to getting in a dragon boat. It is the Team Captain's responsibility to ensure that all waivers are signed online, before Thursday July 2, 2015.
Team Captains must create an online roster using the Crew Management Tool in order for paddlers to complete an online waiver. For more information on how to create an online roster, click here.
Athlete's Village
The GWN Sport Regatta is a BYOT event! Teams are encouraged to bring their own tent to the event. Based on first-come, first-served, the village is a free for all area so the earlier you get to Marilyn Bell Park, the better location your team will have. Teams wishing to rent a tent can do so using the "Get More" option in the Crew Management Tool. Teams with rented tents will be placed closest to the waterfront in the Village by GWN. 

Marshalling for races will begin approximately 30 minutes prior to each race. Please listen for marshalling announcements throughout the day to ensure that your team is in marshalling area on time.

Personal Flotation Devices (PFD)
The GWN Sport Regatta is a PFD exempted event. Sport teams may race without a lifejacket.

Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices (“PFD”) will be available for all participants at the event. Inflatable PFDs are permitted.

Each team should designate their own experienced steersperson. This skilled position is an important part of your team. They not only steer the boat but also assist the coach and/or dummer in calling the race commands. GWN does supply back-up steerspeople for the race weekend in case of emergency. GWN reserves the right to replace your steersperson if they are deemed incapable of handling your boat in a safe manner.

Crews are not allowed to bring GPS units onboard. You may have a speaker system if you wish.

Rules & Policies

We're committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for participants and spectators. Before heading out to the races, there are some things you should know:

We love our furry companions! Pets are welcome at Marilyn Bell Park but should be leashed at all times.

There is nothing better than a BBQ meal outdoors but please leave your medium to large BBQ units at home. Only small units are allowed.

Keep it Clean
Teams are responsible for picking up their waste within their team sites.  In addition to handing out wastebags during team check-in, there will be wastebaskets located throughout the Athlete's Village to maintain the park's cleanliness.  Let's all work together to keep Marilyn Bell Park clean and green.

Medical and Safety
Medical services and first aid will be available on site. If you're in need of medical attention, please report to the medical tent for immediate assistance. Toronto Police officers will also be on site patrolling the grounds.

Directions & Parking

Marilyn Bell Park is located at 851 Lakeshore Blvd West in Toronto, just south of Exhibition Place, east of Jameson Avenue. The closest intersection is Lake Shore Blvd West and British Columbia Drive.

Get to the park by downloading our Directions to the Venue.

From the West
Exit the Gardiner Expressway at Jameson Avenue and follow Lakeshore Blvd Eastbound to Marilyn Bell Park

From the East
Exit the Gardiner Expressway at Dunn Avenue. Stay right for Jameson Avenue. Make sharp left onto Jameson Avenue and merge on to Lake Shore Blvd. Marilyn Bell Park is on your right.
Alternatively, you can take King Street westbound to Jameson Avenue. Turn left onto Jameson Avenue and then turn left to merge on to Lake Shore Blvd.

Parking is available at Lot 6 near the CNE Grounds. There is no parking allowed on Marilyn Bell Park property and all unauthorized vehicles will be towed.

Download a copy of the Parking Directions and Map.

Awards & Ceremonies

Sport Division Finals
Third and second place teams will receive bronze and silver medals, respectively. First place teams will receive a trophy and medals.

Community Division

Consolation Finals
First place teams will receive a trophy and gold medals.

Grand Finals
Third and second place teams will receive bronze and silver medals, respectively. First place teams will receive a trophy and medals.

Awards Ceremonies

Community Division
Ceremonies will take place after each Consolation Race and Grand Final Race. Volunteers will gather the gold medal winning team as they come off the water.  They will be escorted directly to the stage in the Lake of Bays Beer Garden. Bronze and silver medal winning teams will receive their medals in the dock area.

The A Division Grand Final for Mixed, Women, and Open ceremonies will take place after all races are completed.

Sport Division
Ceremonies will take place after all races are completed and points are tabulated to determine the winners. 

For information on how points are rewarded, download the 2015 Festival Points and Awards sheet.