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Chinook Diablo 3-Piece
Chinook 3 Piece Same Chinook quality and options. Best workmanship and materials. Maximum carbon content. Tried, true and tested 2011 is ...
  • $140.00 CAD
  • Qty:
Chinook Sundowner Black/Red/Blue
Sundowner Colourful cutting edge competition Carbon Paddles made in the World's Best Dragonboat paddle Workshops at certainly the best value ...
  • $210.00 CAD
  • Qty:
Merlin CD3
CD#DK Lighter, sharper and smarter. You'll love paddling with the CD3. Launched in April 2010, the CD3 has been ...
  • $255.00 CAD
  • Qty:
Merlin TD3
Merlin TD3 The new TD3 has all the benefits of the new design CD3 and also keeps the unique character of the TD2. Just like the CD3, ...
  • $240.00 CAD
  • Qty:
Grey Owl Jet
Grey Owl Jet Molded carbon fiber composite one-piece shaft and blade construction. Extra stiff flex. Foam core blade with composite carbon T-grip. ...
  • $230.00 CAD
  • Qty:
Grey Owl High Performance
Grey Owl HP This paddle is lighter and stiffer than the Club model and is designed for the mid to high level competitor. The shaft is constructed ...
  • $55.00 CAD
  • Qty: